BSS-38 346 Puja Mandaps to be erected in Narsingdi





346 Puja Mandaps to be erected in Narsingdi

NARSINGDI, Sept 28, 2018 (BSS)- A total of 346 puja mandaps will be
erected on the ensuing Durga Puga, the biggest religious festival of Hindu
community, in the six upazilas of the district.

President of the district Puja celebration committee Prof Surja Kanta Das
disclosed this in a preparatory meeting held in the Deputy Commissioner’s
conference room on Wednesday with Deputy Commissioner Seyda Farhana Kawnine
in the chair.

Surja Kanta Das said of the total puja mandaps, 98 will be erected in
Nrsingdi Sadar upzila including 33 in Narsingdi pourasabha and 16 in Madhabdi
pourasabha, 42 in Polash upazila, 74 in Shibpur upazila, 46 in Monohardi
upazila, 22 in Belabo upazila and 64 in Raipura upazila.

The leaders of the district and upazila puja udjapan parishad, district
level officials and local journalists were present in the meeting.

In the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner urged all the Hindu community to
celebrate the festival with enthusiasm and religious fervor.

Superintendent of Police Shaifullah-Al-Mamon also organised a meeting at
his office conference room on Thursday and urged the law enforcing agencies
to maintain the law and order for holding the puja free and peacefully.

The five-day long festival will begin on October 15 and conclude on
October 19 through the immersion of idols in the water bodies.

BSS/CORR/SSS/1941 hrs