Student cabinet formed in 544 schools, madrashas in Rajshahi


RAJSHAHI, March 30, 2017 (BSS)-Students Cabinets have been formed in 455 secondary schools and 89 madrashas with direct voting today to make the students respectful toward democratic practice and values from childhood.

The government took the initiative to form an eight-member ‘Student Cabinet’ comprising one head representative and seven cabinet members in every secondary schools and madrashas.

Rafiqul Islam, District Education Officer, said that a total of 4,352 representatives have elected with direct voting by the students in the district successfully.

The student council will help maintain healthy atmosphere in the school and try to make irregular student regular through counseling.

He said if the initiative of forming student cabinet succeeds, it will help develop democratic values among the student, maintain healthy academic atmosphere in schools and prevent dropouts.

The members of student cabinet will hold motivational meetings and establish contacts with guardians through home visits, he added.

Rafiqul Islam said democracy is being practiced in schools in many western countries. It helps the students enhance their abilities and develop leadership qualities.

Formation of student cabinet with direct voting would help the student groom as worthy citizens, he hoped.

The elected cabinet are also supposed to look after supply of pure drinking water in schools, use of clean toilets, child health and mid-day meals, he said.