JS-28 Govt to allocate Tk 3,437cr for Fisheries and Livestock Ministry





Govt to allocate Tk 3,437cr for Fisheries and Livestock Ministry

SANGSAD BHABAN, June 3, 2021 (BSS) – The government has proposed to allocate Taka 3,437 crore for the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock in fiscal 2021-22.

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal came up with the proposal while placing the national budget for the fiscal 2021-22 in the House today.

The proposed budget for the minister was Taka 3,193 crore in fiscal 2020-21, while revised budget was Taka 3,525 crore.

“The government has been working to meet the demand of animal protein for the huge population of the country by inspiring innovative technologies and breeds, motivating entrepreneurs/farmers, providing training, generating self-employment, increasing production and ensuring supply,” the fiancé minister said in his budget speech.

He said Bangladesh has already achieved self-sufficiency in fish, meat and egg production, and programmes are underway to achieve self-sufficiency in milk production soon.

While this sector is meeting the domestic demand for meat, it is also earning foreign exchange by exporting fish, fish products and animal products, Kamal added.

He said Bangladesh ranks first among 11 hilsa producing countries in the world, and, in tilapia production, it ranks 4th in the world and third in Asia.

“To ensure development of the fisheries sector, we are continuing with the ongoing activities such as fish farming in open water, conservation of endangered species of fish, creation of sanctuaries for fish breeding, conservation of jatka, eco-friendly shrimp farming, etc,” the finance minister said.

In addition, he said, quality control activities have been boosted to preserve and expand the export market for fish and fish products.

Kamal said steps are being taken to provide registration and identity cards to fishermen and create a database of rural fish farmers and fishermen across the country.