BSS-56 DSCC takes measures to save city dwellers from mosquito menace: Taposh





DSCC takes measures to save city dwellers from mosquito menace: Taposh

DHAKA, May 19, 2021 (BSS)- Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Barrister Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh today hoped that city dwellers will be saved from dengue epidemic like previous year as city corporation has chalked out special programmes to check mosquito menace this year.
“I will be able to save the people of Dhaka from the dengue epidemic like last time as we have been able to instill confidence in the people that the City Corporation is capable enough to control mosquito in the city areas,” he said.

He came up with the remarks while speaking at a press conference at the City Corporation office on the occasion of one year of assuming his office.

The mayor added that in the action plan of city corporation , the concerned authority has taken the pragmatic steps to ensure basic services to the people alongside redesigning the mosquito control-activities.

There were no deaths due to dengue in Dhaka South City Corporation area last year, he said, adding that although the Culex mosquito infestation increased slightly in January and February this year but effective measures were taken to control the Culex mosquito within two weeks then.

Highlighting the activities of the city corporation for the last one year, the mayor said, “The people of Dhaka have given me the opportunity to serve them by welcoming the outline of ‘Oitijjer Dhaka’, ‘Shundor Dhaka’, ‘Sochol Dhaka’, ‘Sushashito Dhaka’ and ‘Adhunik Dhaka’ declared in the election manifesto.”

Mentioning that the waste management activities have been revised, Barrister Taposh said that there were 21 waste transfer centers at the time of taking charge.

During his tenure, some 6 new waste transfer centers have been constructed, he informed.

He added that by next June, other 14 new waste transfer centers will be completed.

By 2021, 75 waste transfer centers will be constructed in 75 wards, he said.

Noting that street lights are now on in the entire area of the South City Corporation except for some parts of the 18 new areas, he said there are no more complaints about street lights now.

Road infrastructure development and renovation works have been undertaken in 75 wards and 8 parliamentary constituencies of DSCC at a cost of Taka 125 crore with its own funds, he said, adding that these works will end in the current financial year.

Besides, several minor renovation works are underway in different areas, the mayor added.

He hoped that as a result of the overall activities, DSCC authority will be able to free the people of Dhaka from the grip of water-logging problems this monsoon.

He said in the last one year, about 120 kilometers(km) of roads have been repaired and developed, 90 km of sewers or drains have been constructed and developed and 45 km of footpaths have been constructed and developed.

Besides, development and construction activities of 2 foot over bridges, 3 social event centers, 3 graveyards and 1 crematorium are underway, he informed.