Describing passing 50 years of independence as an important milestone for the nation, Sheikh Hasina, also President of the Awami League, said that the golden jubilee of the independence becomes more colourful as her party, after assuming office, runs the government in accordance of the spirit of the Liberation War.

The prime minister briefly highlighted the country’s socioeconomic indicators and scenarios with the comparison between present time and fiscal 2005-06.

She said annual per capita income now stood at US$ 2,064 which was $ 543 in fiscal 2005-06, while poverty rate declined to 20.5 percent from 41.5 percent, GDP size increased to Taka 28 lakh crore from Taka 482,337 crore and foreign currency reserve exceeded $ 44 billion at present from below $ 1 billion ($0.744 billion) at that time.

National budget in fiscal 2005-06 was only Taka 61,000 crore which now increased to Taka 5.68 lakh crore in this fiscal while average life expectancy reached at 72.6 year in 2019-20 from 59 year in 2005-06 alongside decline of child mortality rate to 28 in per thousand from 84 and maternal mortality rate to 165 in per lakh from 370, she said.

Referring to the allocation of Taka 373 crore in social safety net in that time, she said the government now raised it to Taka 95,574 crore.

Besides, food grains production raised to 4,53,44,000 metric tons from 1.80 crore metric tons in 2005-06, while power generation capacity increased to 24,421 MW from 4,900 MW along with expansion of beneficiary rate to 99 percent from 47 percent, she added.

The premier gave all credits of such achievements of the country to commoners saying that farmer-labourer-professionals have made the impossible possible with their labour, talent and innovative power.

“Our government has only created conducive environment giving policy supports,” she said.
Sheikh Hasina went on saying “The people of Bangladesh have proved that they can transform any impossible into possible if they get favourable atmosphere.”

The prime minister said that her government has been able to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the freedom fighters as they fought the Liberation War at the directives of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with an expectation to get independence and present a peaceful and happy life.

Sheikh Hasina sang from Bishwa Kabi Rabindranath Tagore’s famous song in communicating her desire to triumph the Golden Jubilee of the country’s independence —“Anandadhoni Jagao Gogone. Ke Achho Jagia Purobe Chahiya, Bole ‘Utho Utho’ Soghone Gaveer Nidramogone. Hero Timir Rajoni Jai Oi, Hashe Usha Nobo Jotirmoyee-Nobo Anonde, Nobo Jibone, Fullu Kushume, Modhur Pobone, Bohog Kolokujone.”

The English lines of the song could be read as: Let the sky be filled with sounds, mirthful. Who is awake, staring at the East, Yell at them who are still fast asleep -‘Come on, spring out of the bed.’ Look, the night’s gone, dawn smiles With new glare, vigour and bliss, Blossoms, tweets and morning breeze.”