World must come out from theocratic state concept: President


DHAKA, Sept 29, 2107 (BSS) – President M Abdul Hamid today said the world must come out from the concept of theocratic state and remain alert against the misinterpretation of religious sayings.

“The evil steps to establish religion-based nation or state still persists . . . But the world must come out from the concept of theocratic state,” he said while addressing a function at Banani Puja Mandap here on the occasion of Durga Puja, the greatest religious festival of the Hindu community.

The President also urged all to remain alert against the misinterpretation of religious sermon or message that misguides mass people resulting in confrontation among people-to-people or nation-to-nation.

“Centering the theocratic state, the word earlier experienced many conflicts and wars between nation-to-nation that prostrated humanity, brotherhood and sympathy,” Abdul Hamid observed.

Even today, he said, we are noticing the evil quarter’s attempt for establishing a religion-based state.

President said, “Not the religion but secularism would be the pillar of building a country and a nation”. He stressed the need for building a cordial society or state with the people of all religions based on religious and human values.

Abdul Hamid said there might be differences in celebrating the religious festivals but the spirit, prime concept of all relgions is almost same, and people of all religions including Muslims, Hindus, Christians and others use to celebrate their festivals universally in a cordial atmosphere in Bangladesh since long.

As we have achieved our Independence sacrificing huge blood, the President said, our prime endeavor is to build a developed and prosperous country where all people would celebrate their respective religious festivals amid mutual respects, utmost tolerances and liberal attitude.

“Everyone must work together so that each citizen can enjoy the fruits of 1971 Liberation War and stands all over the world keeping their heads high,” President Hamid added.

Earlier the President visited Puja Mandap there organised by Gulshan-Banani Sarbojanin Puja Parishad.

State Minister for Youth and Sports Dr Biren Sikder, Puja Udjapan Parishad President Subash Chandra Ghosh and General Secretary Sudhangshu Kumar Das, among others, accompanied by the President.