Joy said: “I want to see the problem solvers, not the complainers,”
he said, adding that without any support, these young people are
solving the problems of their localities on their own.

He expressed his gratitude to them as they are helping people with
their noble services. “They do it by their own merits, by their own
efforts. This is our country,” he said.

Turning on coronavirus situation, Joy said different developed
nations including the USA and European countries are witness troubles
in facing the coronavirus pandemic but Bangladesh is doing
comparatively well to this end.

“We don’t want any death in the pandemic but I would like to say we
are doing better than different development countries,” he said.

Since the outset, the Awami League government has been taking
different measures to face the pandemic following the instructions of
experts and physicians, he said.

Joy said defying the negative aspects of Covid-19, Bangladesh’s
economy remains in right track. It has been possible due to the
country’s outstanding progress in the sector of information and
commutation technology, he said.

Had the country not made such progress in the ICT sector, it
wouldn’t have possible to keep the economy in right track during the
pandemic situation.

CRI Trustee and State Minister for Power, Energy, and Mineral
Resources Nasrul Hamid delivered the welcome speech in the virtual
ceremony which was moderated by Dr Nuzhat Chowdhury, daughter of
martyred intellectual Dr AFM Alim Choudhury.

In his speech, Nasrul Hamid said Joy Bangla Youth Award is being to
recognize the efforts of young visionaries to make a turnaround their
communities and encourage them to step forward to change the course of
progress in their respective societies.