PM for instant protest against any rumor, propaganda


DHAKA, Nov 2, 2020 (BSS) – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today laid emphasis on instant protest against any rumor and propaganda, saying freedom of speech does not mean creating any type of anarchy by spreading false and fabricated information.

“Real facts have to be highlighted instantly . . . there might be some pain to convince (people) by telling the truth of any incident, but ultimately it will be successful and this is reality,” she said.

The Prime Minister said this at the beginning of the regular cabinet meeting at secretariat as she chaired the meeting joining from her official residence Ganabhaban through video conferencing.

“A vested quarter in the country has been spreading rumor and propaganda to create anarchy, and is used to raise voice telling that freedom of speech being restricted whenever any action is taken against them,” she said questioning is freedom of speech creating anarchy?

Calling upon all to remain aware about these quarters, Sheikh Hasina said true and real facts of all incidents have to be highlighted as sitting silent or taking defensive position will not be a proper way to deal with the rumor and propaganda.

She said those people are always trying to spread rumors on their own interest to defame the image of the government, but would never be succeeded in fulfilling their ill motives.

“In today’s digital Bangladesh anyone can say whatever he or she wishes on social media and spreads propaganda, but when government takes any step against the wrongdoers, the vested quarters start hue and cry and propagate falsehood across the globe,” said the Prime Minister, adding, “People usually do not look into the matter why the step has been taken.”

She also pointed out an incident of rumor during the student’s movement against quota where a female media artist spread rumor and propaganda saying that female students were being assaulted taking them inside the Awami League office. “But, sign board beside her proved that her statement was false and rumor,” she added.

Sheikh Hasina said incidents like attacking on the party office with big stones and lethal weapons also happened during that day due to spread of false information by a group of conspirators which left 40 to 50 activists of Awami League, its student front and others injured.

“And, such incidents took place when Bangladesh reached in better position in terms of economic indices proving predictions of various international organizations as wrong,” said the Prime Minister.

She, however, said people who do not like country’s development always want Bangladesh to remain dependent on others.

“A section of people, who never think of people’s betterment, always remain busy with their issues and interests, but when they failed to do anything as per their planned conspiracy, then appear with criticism and this is the fact,” said Sheikh Hasina.

She said Bangladesh has emerged as an independent country and it would go ahead with self dignity and raising head high before the world community.

“The vested quarter wanted to keep Bangladesh as a nation of beggars which would always remain as dependent on others,” she said mentioning that they never wanted country’s independence and feel so much pain when they see development and progress.

The Prime Minister vowed to continue Bangladesh’s march forward in the coming days.