BSP-11 One year after strike BCB’s relations with players remain cordial





One year after strike BCB’s relations with players remain cordial

DHAKA, Oct 21, 2020 (BSS)—One year has passed since Bangladesh saw an unprecedented strike of the cricketers over 13 points demand.

The players announced an 11-point demand first in an impromptu press conference on October 21, 2019 and later added two more points to make it 13.

Later the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and the cricketers had reached a common ground that prompted the players to call off the strike.

The first demand was–the current committee of Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh (CWAB) must resign.

The second one was–the players transfer of Dhaka Premier League (DPL) must be done following the old system so that the players can choose a team according to their liking.

The third one was–If it is not possible in this year, from next year onwards, the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) must be arranged based on the previous model. The wages of local players must be increased.

The fourth one was–the match fee for first class matches should be Tk1 lac. Coaches and physios should be provided year-long practice facilities in every division

The fifth one was –the domestic matches must use balls that are used in international matches. The meager Tk1,500 as daily allowance must be increased. Plane fares should be provided to go from one venue to another, hotel facilities should be upgraded along with gym and swimming pool facilities

The sixth one was–the number of contracted players and their salaries must be increased.

The seventh one was–salaries of local staff-members, the salary of coaches, ground staff, umpires and others must be increased.

The eighth one was–the number of one-day tournaments in domestic arenas must be increased. The players wish to play another T20 tournament before the BPL.

The ninth one was–the local calendar must be fixed. The 10th one was –the dues of DPL must be paid on time.

The 11th one was–the restriction of not playing in two or more franchise leagues must be withdrawn.

Later players added two more points, which is to demand the part of BCB’s revenue and to give the women cricketers a same facility that the male cricketers usually get.

The BCB claimed they have fulfilled most of the demands while some other demands are on course of being fulfilled. The board also said that the relationship with the players didn’t deteriorate for this strike.

“We always respect them and I don’t see any deterioration in our relationship with the players as they are the main stakeholders of the board,” BCB CEO Nizam Uddin Chowdhury told the reporters.

“The board takes responsibility like a guardian. I don’t think there was any gap between us. They had some issues, which we have addressed. The relationship between the players and board is always cordial.”

‘’We have kept all channels open, whichever medium they want to use [to communicate with us]. There’s considerable player representation in the current board, [more] than ever before. By constitution, there is players’ representation in the board. Players have access to everyone in the board. You very well know that our president has a personal relation with the players.”

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