BSS-42 ‘Reporter’s Diary’ handed over to Dr Hasan





‘Reporter’s Diary’ handed over to Dr Hasan

CHATTOGRAM, Oct 11, 2020 (BSS)- Azad Talukder, Editor of Ekushey Patrika, handed over his book titled ‘Reporter’s Diary’ to Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud.

He handed over the book to the minister during a meeting at Chattogram Circuit House yesterday.

Reading the book for sometimes, Dr Hasan said, “Azad Talukder wrote the book ‘Reporter’s Diary’ narrating his experience of journalism at home and abroad.”

“In a few articles of the book, the author has beautifully portrayed the image of corporate media journalism. Journalist Azad Talukder’s finding on executioner Ershad, who hanged 96 people involved in the coup against Ziaur Rahman, has come up in the ‘Reporter’s Diary’,” he added.

The minister hoped that people, who have a desire or interest in bold and investigative journalism, will love the book.