No drone flying without permission till gazette notification: ministry


DHAKA, Sept 16, 2020 (BSS) – Civil aviation and tourism ministry today said that no person or organization can register or fly drone until issuing the gazette notification.

“On September 14, the cabinet has approved ‘The Drone Registration and Flying Guideline, 2020’ but no gazette notification has yet been issued yet in this regard,” the ministry calcified by issuing a press release today.

It further said no one can fly drone without permission before the concerned ministry, department or agency taker preparations in this regard.

Some media reported saying – the flying of “Ka” class drone at a height of 500 feet – is incorrect, the ministry clarified.

According to the policy, the release said ‘Ka’ class drones are drones used for entertainment and this type of drone will not be permitted to fly within three kilometers of the airport and other KPI (Key Point Installations).

However, it said this type of drone, less than 5 kg weight, can fly at a height of 50 feet up to 3-5 km and at a height of 100 feet up to 5 km outside the airport.

Drones flying above 100 feet and weighing more than 5 kg cannot without registration and permission, it added.

If a drone is capable of flying at altitudes of more than 50 to 100 feet and the weight of the drone is more than 5 kg, it will be necessary to register and obtain permission from the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh for flying except for “Gha” type.

The ministry has also requested concerned all persons or organisations to contact to the civil aviation wing of the ministry for further information.