BFF-08 Anita Hill says she’ll vote Biden for US president





Anita Hill says she’ll vote Biden for US president

WASHINGTON, Sept 6, 2020 (BSS/AFP) – Anita Hill, who was grilled in Congress over her sexual harassment claims against a Supreme Court nominee, said she will vote for the man who oversaw the often criticized hearings: Joe Biden.

The democratic presidential nominee has long faced blame over the aggressive questioning of Hill during the 1991 confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas, which Biden chaired.

“Notwithstanding all of his limitations in the past, and the mistakes that he made in the past… I think Joe Biden is the person who should be elected in November,” Hill told CNN in comments released Saturday.

She said her decision was not made simply in opposition to President Donald Trump, but also in the name of survivors of gender violence.

Trump has faced allegations of racism and misogyny for years, including after he was heard on tape in October 2016 saying powerful men can “do anything” to women including grabbing their genitals.

Biden has faced his own accusations of touching women inappropriately, but in the case of Hill it was his handling of the hearing that was the source ill will.

In April Biden called Hill to voice regret for “what she endured” during the testimony, though she told the New York Times the former vice president stopped short of a full apology.

Still, she said she sees Biden as a better alternative.

“I want the next president to be somebody that I can go to and talk about the real issues that women, men, and non-binary people are experiencing with violence in this country, that’s directed to them because of their gender,” Hill said.

“I do not believe that Donald Trump would be the person who would hear me.”