BSS-52 Dr Razzaque warns tougher action for corruption in development projects





Dr Razzaque warns tougher action for corruption in development projects

DHAKA, July 23, 2020 (BSS) – Agriculture Minister Dr M Abdur Razzaque today warned the agriculture project officials that they will have to face ‘dire consequence’ for committing any irregularities in the development projects.

“Strict legal action will be taken against the project directors and even they will be terminated from the job, if they do any irregularities in purchasing goods for the development projects”, he said while attending ADP review meeting from the ministry conference room here.

He suggested the project officials to bid open tender through the eGP or electronic government procurement in case of purchase any goods including farm equipments, fertilizer and seed under the project.

“There is no scope to buy any goods in exorbitant price compare to the price exists in the market”, said the minister at the function moderated by Agriculture Secretary M Nasiruzzaman.

Terming the farm mechanization a dream project in the agriculture sector, Dr Razzaque said the main target of the agriculture friendly government is to transform the agriculture into modern and mechanized.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina earmarked Taka 200 crore last year for procuring farm machines and that’s why different farm machines like combine harvester, reaper had been distributed among the farmers for harvesting boro paddy across the country including haor areas, he said.

Subsequently, the farm mechanization project with an outlay of Taka 3,020 crore has been approved in the ECNEC this year.

In 2019-20, the national average of the ADP implementation progress was 80.28 per cent while it was 94 per cent for the agriculture sector.

In 2020-21, a total of Taka 2,361 crore has been earmarked under the ADP for implementing sixty-eight projects of the agriculture ministry while it was Taka 1,764crore in the last fiscal year.

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