BFF to follow zero tolerance policy to prevent match fixing


DHAKA, July 17, 2020 (BSS)- The Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) senior vice president Abdus Salam Murshedy today said they would follow zero tolerance policy to prevent the fixing match.

“Football is not only an entertainment but also a business… World football is now facing a big challenge due to the coronavirus pandemic because the clubs are facing financial loss and uncertainty due to no play on the ground. The evil circle can be active to compensate for their economic losses after the post coronavirus situation. Even they can be active by ruining the football policy through the different syndicates… The World Football regulatory body FIFA is also concerned with this issue,” said Murshedy through a video message today.

He said the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) already advised its member states to remain alert as well as to follow some guidelines so that the evil circle can’t ruin the honesty of football. So the BFF takes a zero tolerance policy to prevent fixed matches in the next season.

Many are worried by thinking that the number of fixing matches can be increased in different countries of the world after post coronavirus pandemic. So the AFC thinks that it’s the responsibility of all federations to try preventing or fixing matches. The Asian regulatory body AFC already directed its member states to follow zero tolerance policy to prevent fixed matches in the case of their respective domestic football, he added.

“The BFF senior vice president firmly said they are also committed like AFC to prevent the fix match and those involved in fixing tasks will not be spared in the next football season. We’ll follow zero tolerance policy to maintain the honesty of football and hope cooperation with all in this regard,” Murshedy concluded.