BSS-57 5 Bangladeshi docs die of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia





5 Bangladeshi docs die of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia

DHAKA, June 22, 2020 (BSS) – At least five expatriate Bangladeshi
doctors died of coronavirus while serving their duties in different
hospitals and clinics across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to date,
Bangladesh mission in Riyadh confirmed it today.

The people of the Bangladeshi community and Bangladeshi doctors in
the Kingdom are now mourning their tragic deaths, a press release
issued by Bangladesh Embassy in Saudi Arabia said.

Bangladesh Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Golam Moshi said the doctors
who sacrificed their lives for helping and treating people are real
heroes and conveyed deep condolences to their families.

Earlier on June 18, the Bangladeshi Embassy of Saudi Arabia said a
total of 375 expatriate Bangladeshis have so far died of coronavirus
or with its symptom in Saudi Arabia since the outbreak of the

The five Bangladeshi physicians were Dr. Mohammad Shafiullah
(Ranak), Dr. Afaq Hossain, Dr. Golam Mostafa, Dr Md. Anwar Ul Hasan
and Dr. Abdur Rahim and.

Dr Ranak, who was serving as consultant in medicine at King Salman
Hospital in Riyadh under the Ministry of Health, has passed away on
June 19 due to infection of coronavirus.

He was in charge of two corona ward at King Salman Hospital since
the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in Saudi Arabia. He had
been treating all admitted COVID patients till his last day of duty in
the hospital.

The very first doctor who died of coronavirus was 62-year-old Dr.
Afaq Hossain who got infected while treating patients at Safa Al
Madinah Poly Clinic in Madinah. He passed away on March 31.

On 16th June, Dr. Golam Mostafa died of coronavirus infection in
Madinah. He had worked at “Agul Health Center” in Madhina under
Ministry of Health.

Dr Md Anwar Ul Hasan who had worked in Badruddin Poly Clinic in
Batha, Riyadh as a General Practitioner died of coronavirus infection
in Riyadh on 13th June.

Dr. Abdur Rahim, who had served as a General Practitioner at Bin
Laden Poly Clinic in Jeddah, died of coronavirus infection on May 19.

Besides, two doctor’s wives also lost their lives from the
coronavirus infection in Riyadh.

Besides, several doctors are also undergoing treatment due to
coronavirus infection across the Kingdom.

Bangladesh missions in Saudi Arabia are keeping a close contact with
the Bangladeshi doctor’s community to ensure all possible support for
them and paid deep condolences to the bereaved families, said the