BSS-41 Robi initiates real-time SMS-based Corona alert service





Robi initiates real-time SMS-based Corona alert service

DHAKA, April 20, 2020 (BSS) – Using advanced data analytics solutions, mobile phone operator Robi has come up with SMS-based Corona alert service in parts of the capital city.

The real-time SMS alert is designed to trigger awareness about the highly contagious COVID-19 among the people who move around the city for different purposes, said a Robi press release today.

The smartphone users of both Robi and the Airtel customers can avail this service without any charges.

Starting from today, the experimental solution is being piloted in some parts of Dhaka.

Residents of the areas which are being covered by the services will receive an SMS notification informing them about the high risk of contracting Corona virus on the basis of number of confirmed cases determined by the IEDCR.

Since the residents are expected to be stationary in their respective places, the SMS will only be sent to them once during the campaign period.

On the other hand, people who will be moving in to those areas will be notified about the high risk of that particular area, and will be requested to follow the standard Corona related health advisory.

Such an SMS notification will be sent out only once in 24 hours to an individual who had entered into one of the risky areas that are part of the experiment.

However, if that individual enters into another risky area, he/she will get a fresh alert SMS for the area, added the Robi release.