The prime minister said many things are written about the banks. “But those who have idea about it will not write so much … it’s also right that many (people) write with many intentions,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina continued on saying: “I’ll say that there is nothing to be worried about it. As you work much, the expectation of people will be more.”

“There is nothing to be worried and if you run the banks honestly, there will not be any problem,” the premier added.

Sheikh Hasina said her government while giving licences to the private banks has made it mandatory to open their branches at upazila and district headquarters and fulfill corporate social responsibility (CSR). “There was no such system in the past,” she said.

The premier said some quarters had advised to close down the non-profitable branches of the state owned banks. “The World Bank had given such a prescription … but when we came to power we didn’t accept the prescription as economic activities are not equal in all regions,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the banks will make profit in the regions where economic activities are more and the banks will not make profit in those areas where economic activities are less.

“I’ll measure in totality. So why I’ll shut down banks, rather I’ll teach people about using of banks. That’s why we’ve created scope of opening bank account with Tk 10,” she said.