Jabbarer Boli Kela kicks off at Laldigi Maidan on Tuesday


 CHATTOGRAM, April 22, 2018 (BSS) – The 110th traditional Abdul Jabbar Wrestling Competition, popularly known as Abdul Jabbarer Boli Kela, will commence at its permanent venue, the Laldighi Maidan, on Tuesday.

Abdul Jabbar Smriti Kusti Praitijogita and Baishakhi Mela Committee organise the century-old wrestling competition and a three-day fair every year on 12th day of Baishakh.

Mela organizing committee general secretary Showkat Anwar Badal told journalists that all preparations have been completed to complete the fair peacefully.

The century old historic wrestling competition and new Bengali year’s fair is held every year with much enthusiasm and cultural zeal, which is participated by thousands of people from greater Chattogram as well as draw attraction of huge people from different parts of the country.

The competition joined by country’s traditional wrestlers who are popular in the rural areas as a Boli or Kustigir and the Baishaki Mela adorned with locally made beautiful handicrafts and indigenous households held covering at least one Kilometer adjoining areas of Laldighi Maidan.

Badal told journalists that the individual initiative of renowned social worker and businessman late Abdul Jabber Sawdagar in city’s Badarpati area started the wrestling competition during British colonial regime aiming at inspiring the young generation against the anti-colonial movement in 1909.

After inauguration, the people of Chattogram enjoy the fair in great enthusiasm every year, he added.