Modern method can reduce maternal mortality


RAJSHAHI, Feb 19, 2019 (BSS) – Reproductive health experts said that
substantial and sustainable promotion of modern method can ensure safe
delivery and reduce maternal mortality.

They asked the field level workforces including midwives and medical
officers to render their services with utmost sincerity and honesty to attain
the cherished goal.

The observation came at a daylong training workshop for trainers styled
“Condom Tamponade- Sayeba’s Method” at conference hall of Rajshahi Medical
College Hospital (RMCH) here yesterday.

DASCOH Foundation organized the workshop in association with Swiss Red
Cross. Large number of post-graduate doctors, medical officers, midwives,
nurses and fieldworkers from RMCH and DASCOH took part in the workshop.

Former President of Obstetrics and Gynecology Society of Bangladesh Prof
Dr Sayeba Akhter addressed the workshop as focal person.

RMCH Director Brig Gen Jamilur Rahman and its Head of Gynecology
Department Professor Dr. Shahela Jesmine, DASCOH Chief Executive Officer
Akramul Haque and Deputy Director of Department of Family Planning Dr Kasturi
Amina Queen also spoke on the occasion.

Disseminating her expertise, Prof Sayeba Akhter, who is inventor of the
method, said she noticed many mothers were dying from excessive bleeding
after giving birth.

Death from blood loss – also known as postpartum haemorrhage (PPH)- was
the primary cause of the high maternal mortality rate in Bangladesh 30-40
years ago. Many women were also seen taken out their uterus to prevent
bleeding following childbirth, denying them the opportunity of having more
children in future.

To mitigate the problem, she was able to discover a simple and cheap
solution to stop the bleeding which is now known worldwide as ‘condom
catheter tamponade’, or simply ‘Sayeba’s method’.

Prof Akhter urged the participating medical officers and midwives to
train their fellow medical officers, midwives and other field level staffs to
deliver PPH management after the best uses of Sayeb’s methods in the
grassroot level.