BSS-20 World Diabetes Day 2018 observed in Narsingdi





World Diabetes Day 2018 observed in Narsingdi

NARSINGDI, Nov 15, 2018 – World Diabetes Day was observed here yesterday
like elsewhere across the country to create awareness about the disease and
its prevention.

Various programmes were chalked out by Narsingdi Diabetic Association to
raise awareness of the impact that diabetes has on the family and support
network of those affected.

A colourful rally organized by Narsingdi Diabetic Association was brought
out from Narsingdi Diabetes hospital premises with the participation of
students, officials and the members of the association which paraded the main
streets of the town.

After the rally a discussion meeting was held at local Diabetes Hospital
conference room with the president of the association Seyda Farhana Kawnine,
Deputy Commissioner of Narsingdi in the chair.

The meeting was addressed, among others, by vice presidents of Diabetes
Association Masbha Uddin Iran and Momen Sarker, General Secretary of
Association, Mohammad Nural Amin, Joint secretary Aminul Hoque Bachu,
Organising secretary Haroun-or Rashid Haroun, member of the association MA
Basher Battchu and Rasel Bin Hasnat.

Speakers in the meeting said the number of diabetes patients is increasing
in the district as well as across the country due to changes in people’s
lifestyle and food habit and lack of enough physical labour.

Terming diabetes as a silent epidemic, they stressed the need for creating
awareness to prevent Diabetes and called upon the private organizations and
civil society to come forward in this regard.

Later, the Deputy Commissioner laid the foundation stone of the extension
building of Diabetes hospital.

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