Jatiya Oikyafront:

Talking about the recently formed Jatiya Oikyafront, the premier said Awami League is not at all worried about it.

She said there are political freedom, freedom of speech and the freedom of journalism in the country. “Everything is open here and our judiciary is also independent,” she said.

Welcoming the new alliance, the prime minister said, “I welcome that political parties have got united. It (unity) is needed. Where’s the problem if all can get united and achieve a political success?” she said.

The premier, however, said all will have to be careful that who got united under the alliance and what type of people they are. “What role they played in the past. What are their conversation styles and you’ve seen that how they could use abusive remarks towards the women,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said, “We want them to do good job. Awami League is not at all worried about. It’s good to see that they have got united.”

She said the anti-liberation forces, who patronized and rewarded Bangabandhu’s killers and created terrorism and militancy and made Bangladesh champion in corruption for five times, got united.

“Those who declared emergency and filed cases and arrested many Awami League leaders including me got united under one platform,” she said, adding that it matters a lot that in which eyes the people of Bangladesh are watching it.

The premier said: “I don’t see anything wrong and we want them to earn political trustworthiness or other thing from the people.”

She said many of those who formed the new alliance once did Awami League politics. “Moving far away from the Awami League, they have now formed new alliance against the Awami League.”

In politics, she said, all have this freedom. “They have a freedom of delivering political speech and doing politics as there is no emergency and martial law,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the democratic trend has been established in Bangladesh and all have a scope to do politics freely.

“I think availing this scope, those who got united and formed the new alliance did a good job and for this I thank them,” she said.

About the seven-point demand of the alliance, the prime minister said their demands reached to seven points from four. “I’m waiting how far their points go, and after then I will make comments,” she said.

Responding to another question about the making and breaking of the alliance, Sheikh Hasina said, “I want to see to what extent this game of making and breaking alliance reaches.”

About launching of election campaign of the alliance from Sylhet shrines, the premier said it’s good that they will start their campaign from Sylhet.

“But if anyone wants to unleash fire terrorism in the country the government will do whatever necessary against them and the people will also resist them,” she said.

In this connection, the premier said, “I would like to call upon the people to put up resistance against such conspiracies. “Then none could do it,” she said.