Mobile court punishes 14 fishermen for Hilsha catching in Gaibandha


GAIBANDHA, Oct 14, 2018 (BSS) – A total of 14 fishermen of Sundarganj and
Sadar upazila were punished for catching Hilsha in the rivers of Brahmaputra
and Teesta.

According to sources, a mobile court led by Sundarganj UNO and first class
executive magistrate M. Soleman Ali conducted the drives in the Brahmaputra
and Teesta rivers on Saturday and detained 9 fishermen from the rivers in the

The court also seized 2,000 metre of current nets from the fishermen and
filed cases against them on charge of catching Hilsha in the rivers violating
the 22-day ban imposed by the government from October 07.

The cases, however, disposed of after realization of TK 45,000 in fines
from the fishermen. The seized nets were burnt to ashes in presence of the
UNO, said senior upazila fisheries officer M. Mizanur Rahman.

Another mobile court was led by Sadar UNO and first class executive
magistrate M. Shafiqul Islam in the river of Brahmaputra in the upazila today
and held five fishermen from the river while they were catching Hilsha.

The court also seized 20,000 meter of current nets and 20 kg of fish which
were given to Govt. Shishu Paribars of the town.

The court also jailed five fishermen for three days each for catching fish
in the river defying the ban and the nets were burnt to ashes in presence of
the magistrate, said Sanjoy Banerjee, senior upazila fisheries officer.

District fisheries officer (DFO) Abdud Dayan Dulu told the BSS that the
adequate measures had been taken for protecting the mother Hilsha fish in the
rivers of the district during the peak breeding period.