The prime minister said the 22nd session of the parliament was an important one as a total of 18 bills were passed in this short session of ten days. So, it was a successful session, she said.

She said the Road Safety Bill, 2018 has been passed after long work and consultation with stakeholders. The bill recognising Dawrae Hadith (Takmil) certificate in Qawmi Madrasa with the status of postgraduate degree of Islamic Studies and Arabic will bring benefit for 15 lakh students of Qawmi Madrasas.

“The Qawmi madrasa students are meritorious, but they were neglected for long time, though ground of education system of our country is from those institutions,” she said.

The recognition of the Dawrae Hadith will bring the Qawmi Madrasa students to the mainstream of the society and the students would get job at home and abroad, she added.

Sheikh Hasina said the country’s democracy is making way defying many obstacles. Country’s economy is progressing as rule of democracy is persisting, she said.

The prime minister said her government has given the democracy a solid foundation. Those people who cannot find the democratic steadiness, actually they are in unsteady position, she said.

The prime minister said she has deep confidence in the people of Bangladesh, and they would elect the party to power which would work for them.