JS-08 Rawshan for taking constructive measures for youths





Rawshan for taking constructive measures for youths

SANGSAD BHABAN, Sept 20, 2018 (BSS) – Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Begum Rawshan Ershad urged the government to take constructive measures to make the young generation as skilled workforce to turn the country into a digital one.

“Country’s total working population is 10.91 crore …but only 6.08 crore people are now being engaged in work which is not sufficient,” she told the closing session of 22nd session of the 10th parliament here this night.

Rawshan Ershad said the country has a great potentiality of blue economy like the other neighboring countries like India and Myanmar.

“We have ample scope to involve these youth with the blue economy for building ‘Sonar Bangla’ as dreamt by the great leader Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,” she added.

The government must have to allocate a portion of the budget for their welfare, said the opposition leader in her speech.

About the quota movement in public services by the students, Rawshan Ershad said, “Nothing could be achieved through violence in the name of quota movement … but we have to solve it through discussion with the government.”

She also urged the government to implement the age-limit recommended by the parliamentary standing committee on the ministry of public administration in access to the public services, adding that in many countries in the world have set a range of age-limit from 35 to 40 years in access to the public services.

“It is necessary to consider the age-limit for the job seekers by the government,” she noted.

Terming the present session of the parliament as very much effective, the opposition leader said the 22nd session of the 10th parliament was very much effective as a total of 18 bills have been passed.

Even all the lawmakers irrespective of government and opposition participated in each session of the parliament during the session, she added.