BSS-43 Solution of Rohingya crisis lies in PM’s five points-BD ambassador to UN





Solution of Rohingya crisis lies in PM’s five points-BD ambassador to UN

DHAKA, Aug, 29, 2018 (BSS)-Bangladesh Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Masud Bin Momen said the Rohingya crisis can be resolved in line with the five-point proposal that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina placed during the last UN General Assembly in New York.

Highlighting the Rohingya issue in a briefing session at the UN Security Council, Momen said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s proposals were-sending immediately of a Fact-Finding Mission to Myanmar by the Secretary General of the United Nations, all civilians irrespective of religion and ethnicity must be protected in Myanmar and for that “safe zones” could be created inside Myanmar under UN supervision, ensuring sustainable return of all forcibly displaced Rohingyas in Bangladesh to their homes in Myanmar and implementation of the recommendations of Kofi Annan Commission unconditionally and entirety.

The Bangladesh representative urged the world community to come forward with humanitarian assistance openly for Rohingyas. Otherwise, Bangladesh will face severe difficulty in helping Rohingyas, he added.

“For safe repatriation of Rohingyas, Myanmar should execute four steps”, Momen said, adding that UNDP and UNHCR must be allowed in Rakhaine state for rebuilding the destroyed villages and cities. Several thousand Rohingyas who remained stuck in Bangladesh and Myanmar border must be taken back to Myanmar, he added.

Momen said steps must be taken to keep open the Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees (IDP) camp in Rakhaine state for free movement of confined people. Confidence-building measures must be taken for different communities in Rakhaine state, he added.