DAE takes massive programme for Rabi cultivation in Narsingdi


NARSINGDI Nov 1, 2017 (BSS)- Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) of Narsingdi has taken a massive programme for the cultivation of 63,750 hectares of various Rabi crops in the district during the current Rabi season.

Farmers of all six upazilas in the district are now busy taking all out preparation for achieving the production target of 405,750 tonnes of various Rabi crops in the district.

The crops which will be cultivated include Boro paddy, Wheat, Mustard, Potato, Sweet Potato, Ground Nut, Vegetables, Chilly, Onion, Garlic, Turmeric, Dhania, Kaesari, Mug Dal, Mashur, Maskalai, Mator, Kawan, Tills and Tishi.

Of the total, Boro will be cultivated on 55,000 hectares with the production target of 2,25583 tonnes of rice, Wheat will be cultivated on 170 hectare with the production target of 524 tonnes, Mustared will be cultivated on 4000 hectares with the production of 4706 tonnes, Potato will be cultivated on 2000 hectares with the production of 39215 tonnes, Sweet potato will be 1000 hectares with the production of 25080 tonnes, Ground nut will be 250 with production of 320 tonnes, Vegetables will be cultivated on 9000 hectares with the production target of 175455 tonne, chilly will be cultivated on 1278 hectares with production of 1726 tonnes, Onion will be 349 hectares with the production of 2099 tonnes, Garlic will be 326 with production on 367 tons, Dhania will be 329 hectares with production of 377 tons , Kaesari will be 25 hectares with production of 31 tonnes, Mug Dal will be 53 hectares with production of 53 tonnes, Mashur will be hectares with production of 40 tonnes, Maskalai will be 860 hectares with production of 860 tons, Mator will be one hectare with production of one tonnes, Kawan will be 5 hectares with production of 7 tonnes, Till will be three hectares with production of three tonnes, Tishi will be on 3 hectares with production three tonnes and Maize will be cultivated on one hectare with production target of 7 tonnes.

Deputy Director of DAE Latafat Hossain told BSS that farmers in six upazilas of the district have already started cultivation of these crops and so far they have cultivated over 10,000 hectares of various crops.

He hopes that if there is no climate hazard, the production target will be achieved.