Mentioning that Bangladesh is a land of natural calamities – cyclone, tidal surge, river erosion and flood, Sheikh Hasina said her government has been providing houses to the people who are falling victims to such natural calamities.

She said the government had made shelters for 4,000 people of the Cox’s Bazar who lost houses in 1991 cyclone.

The Prime Minister called upon all the countrymen to find out homeless and landless people around them and inform the government of the matter to help them get houses from the Ashrayan project.

She said the slum dwellers have been living in the most unhygienic condition, adding that the government has initiated a project to construct multi-storey buildings to facilitate them to live in a flat in healthy condition paying the same what they are currently giving as rent for shanties.

Spelling out the initiatives in brief, the premier said, “We’re working to improve life of the hardcore poor to include them in the mainstream of society.”
The main purpose of the country’s economic policy is to supply necessary money to the grassroots people at the villages and arrange livelihoods for their overall development, she added.

The Prime Minister further said that her government has been trying to improve the life and livelihood of the grassroots people with limited resources as it is the Awami League’s policy and they are doing so.

Due to the government’s efforts, she said, the lower income group people are gradually learning to stand on their own feet.

She also said that the government has fixed the target to make the country free from poverty and for that the government is doing everything necessary.

The Prime Minister once again called upon all to maintain the health guidelines that include wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining social distance to check further spread of the coronavirus so that none has to face death anymore.

She reiterated her pledge to bring the people under vaccination, saying that her government has already collected the jabs of the Covid-19 and efforts are on the way to collect more vaccines from multiple sources.

BSS/AHJ/GA/1510 hrs