Farmers get good yield of Boro in Jamalpur


JAMALPUR, June 16, 2021(BSS) – Farmers in the district have completed Boro harvesting with a surplus production this year.

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) office sources said due to favorable weather, farmers harvested the crops without any problem.

This year, they produced 565281 tonnes of Boro rice in all the seven upazilas of the district, up 14177 tonnes than last year.

Farmer Rizwan Bari in Jamalpur Sadar Upazila who cultivated Boro on 1.25 acres of land said this year, he got good yield and fair price.

He said per maund of Boro paddy was sold at Tk 1000 to 1090.

DAE office sources said farmers had brought 129900 hectares of land under Boro cultivation in the Robi season which was 1040 hectares higher than the last year.

They said farmers had cultivated high breed variety Boro to increase production.

The farmers cultivated the high-breed variety on 46780 hectares of land and high yielding variety on 82700 hectares.

They produced 234368 tonnes high-breed variety rice, 330800 tonnes high yielding variety and 760 tonnes local variety rice.

The farmers cultivated 26 high yielding varieties, 69 high breed varieties and 4 local varieties.

They cultivated BR-26 on 1320 hectares, BRRI-28 on 17600 hectares, BRRI-29 on 42805 hectares, BRRI-58 on 13080 hectares, BRRI-74 on 1710 hectares and BRRI-89 on 1591 hectares of land, sources said.

On the other hand, the farmers cultivated high breed variety Hira on 4690 hectares, Tej on 3460 hectares, Tej gold on 10675 hectares, SL8-H on 3955 hectares, Sinjenta on 1520 hectares, pioneer on 1345 hectares and Chhakka on 1700 hectares of land.

Beside, local variety of Kali Boro was cultivated on 285 hectares.

Training Officer of DAE Zakia Sultana said farmers got good yield of Boro this year.

Favourable weather, no pest attack and implementation of various support programme of the government were behind the good production of Boro, she added.