World Blood Donor Day observed


DHAKA, June 14, 2021 (BSS) – Blood donors across the country are repeatedly showing spontaneity in this ongoing pandemic time also, by standing by the side of people in need.

They are donating blood like before the pandemic time and it was evident even today, the World Blood Donor Day.

Mominul Islam Rinku, 46, has donated blood a total of 50 times before and had come to Quantum Foundation lab Shantinagar to donate blood on June 14, the World Blood Donor Day.

“It feels great to donate blood on this day. I donate blood regularly and didn’t hesitate to donate blood during this corona time. It gives me satisfaction like no other to help people with my blood,” Rinku said.

Quantum lab in-charge Shamima Nasrin Munni said the total monthly average demand in their lab during this corona time was around 10 thousand units and they were supplying around 8.5 thousand units.

Emphasizing on building further awareness among people regarding blood donation, Munni said it is essential for growing the number of blood donors in the country.

“Many donors have come on the World Blood Donor Day to donate blood and we thanked them wholeheartedly for their wonderful gesture. We have wished our regular donors through SMS,” she added.

It was seen in repeated research that donating blood not only can help its receiver, but also give many health benefits to the donor. Regular blood donation can lower the risks of cancer, high blood pressure, and heart ailments. It was stated in a research article published on American Journal of Epidemiology that the risk of heart ailments among regular blood donors is 33 percent less than normal people. The regular blood donors are 88 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack. Regular blood donation can help in decreasing excessive body weight, increase energy and efficiency.

A healthy person between the age of 18 and 60 can donate blood every four months and a modern lab like Quantum can save the lives of four dying people from that one bag of blood. Quantum, through its blood donation programme since 2000, has supplied a total of around 12.93 lakh bags of blood and blood related items.