Economic advantage of nutrition services seeks to sensitize the issue


DHAKA, June 13, 2021 (BSS)- When people especially women and girls have access to good health, the whole community benefits in the long run. This is how the issue of nutrition services comes to the fore in the health sector with health experts suggesting to invest more in malnutrition eradication programmes to make it a basis for investment for life.

Taking a lesson from the conception that ensuring nutrition for people is a must for a healthy nation that in turn helps to thrive economy, a college student has driven herself to form an organisation to provide nutrition services. She aims to aware all about the economic advantages of nutrition services.

Her name is Fakhrun Nahar Anna who used to live in Mohammadpur in the capital with her husband Rakib Hasan. She was born in Laxmipur village at Mymensingh. She passed her secondary from Nasirabad Collegiate School of Mymensingh in 2013 and higher secondary from Mymensingh Royel Media College in 2015.

Later, Anna got admitted to National College of Home Economics of Dhaka and is now doing her BSc (honours) from Food and Nutrition Sciences. Along with her education, Anna is providing nutrition services through her own organization named ‘Nutriprenure Bangladesh’. The organization began its journey on July 24 in 2019.

Earlier, Anna also discharged her duty as general secretary of ‘Discover the Power of Nutrition’ club. She worked there as a volunteer and provided nutrition services. Later, she worked as senior diet executive at ‘East Diet BD’ for one year. From there, she learnt how to provide nutrition services.

Later, she formed her own organisation ‘Nutriprenure Bangladesh’ which is providing nutrition services to people. The organisation provides nutrition services as how to get nutrition from home made foods. They are also providing basic tools like fitness products to ensure healthy life.

Anna said more or less everyone is getting foods. But, the Nutriprenure Bangladesh is working to ensure nutrition with taking food.

She said the organization is also arranging a programme named ‘eating disorder’ where a number of would-be nutritionists take part. “We are working with eating disorder or diseases in food for the first time in Bangladesh. Three trainees and 50 official volunteers are working in the organizations where most of them are women,” Anna added.

About challenges, she said most are working as clinical nutritionists in the country. “It is really tough to work individually. I would like to see the organization in future as a platform for the students of food and nutrition sciences. Women entrepreneurs will get opportunity from the organization,” Anna added.

The effort of Anna can inspire others to educate people about the golden rules of good nutrition. Training people about the importance of having good nutritious meals will seek to empower communities to live a healthy life and help contribute to national economy as well.