Online shopping trends lead entrepreneurs the way for e-commerce


DHAKA, June 13, 2021 (BSS)- The fastest growing internet market and online shopping trends that help to bring many areas under the purview of e-commerce has prompted a woman entrepreneur to broach an idea of opening up a page in social media for new e-commerce platform.

Her idea did not go in vain as the platform has turned gradually into an engine for effective and friendly businesses.

Nasmia Akter Nisha, who used to live in Dhaka, opened the page named ‘Women and e-Commerce Forum’ (WE) in social media- facebook in 2017 to listen the possibilities and problems of women of the society. As the days passed by, the page has gradually become a popular platform of communication of women of different age groups, and of them, mostly are small entrepreneurs. The page has become popular for advertising products of women of e-commerce and f-commerce.

Presently, the women entrepreneurs are selling products of about Taka one to three crore through this group though it is prohibited to sell products by using the page. Trainings are also being organised for women of the group. Advancing a step forward, branches of the ‘WE’ will be opened at Malaysia, Japan and England where the products of the members of ‘WE’ would be sold.

Bangladesh can be the perfect destination for online entrepreneurs looking to gain access to customer base.

Founder of the group Nasmia Akther Nisha said, “I worked with women to solve their personal problems. From that time, I thought there should be a platform for women where they can share their problems, and in the process, solutions will also come out. And I opened the group in 2017. My dream was to form a platform in which Bangladeshi women will be able to show their products abroad along with Bangladesh. The growth of the platform has been increased in 2020. And we started to export our products from 2021.”

She said many women including housewives and students were involved with the platform during the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic specially in 2020. The women started the journey to help their respective families financially, she added.

She said half of the total population is women in the country. But their (women) contribution to the country’s economy is not sufficient. Now, different trainings are being arranged for new entrepreneurs under the platform, she added.

Nisha said many women are opening pages in social media without thinking anything. “But, many of them are facing problems when the platform becomes popular. For this, I would like to suggest everyone to check all aspects including page name. Besides, everyone should have a plan before starting a business. If the women start their businesses with plan, I think they will be gainer in this platform,” she added.

She said, “We have a plan to open branches abroad to export products of the members of the group. And we have already started works in this regard.”

With a huge market flourishing in the country, entrepreneurs enjoy a number of advantages to help lead the way for the e-commerce industry.