Fire service issues instructions to stay safe from lightning


DHAKA, June 7, 2021 (BSS) – Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense Department has issued 20 emergency instructions to stay safe from lightning.

The authority asked to follow the instructions very strictly, an official release said today. The instructions are as follows:

People are asked not to touch metal faucets, metal railings, pipes of the house during lightning and storms and ensure the installation of lightning rods in each house.

During the lightning, everyone needs to move from 50 to 100 feet away.

Everyone should stay in separate rooms in case of inadequate security of a home.

None should take shelter under any big tree in open space, they must be four meters away from the tree.

People need to stay away from torn electrical wires and plugs of electrical appliances should be disconnected from the line to minimize damage.

The injured should be treated like electric shock, said the press release.

Lightning strikes are more frequent in April-June, so if dark clouds appear in the sky, people are asked to stay at home.

At the time of lightning, people may take shelter under a building or concrete tent as soon as possible and if they remain at home, they should not stay near the window or on the porch as well as be away from indoor electrical equipment.

In case of emergency, people can go out wearing rubber shoes and they must stay away from tall plants, electric poles, wires, metal poles and mobile towers, etc.

People are requested to stay away from rivers, ponds, ponds, reservoirs if black clouds appear and asked not to stay in open space, fields or high places during lightning, they can use umbrellas with a plastic or wooden handle in case of an emergency.

If one stays in an open field during a thunderstorm, that person should rest on toes and sit with their head bowed with their fingers in the ears.

If anyone stays in a vehicle during a lightning strike, do not make body contact with the vehicle’s body parts, if possible, take the car under a concrete shelter.

Fishing also should be stopped during lightning and stay under the boat tent.