PM urges govt. employees to show creativity in service


DHAKA, July 23, 2018 (BSS) – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today urged the employees of the public administration to work with innovative ideas and sincerity for the welfare of the grassroots people.

“We want the Public administration employees to work in their respective field applying their innovative thoughts for development of the country,” she said.

The prime minister was addressing a function on National Public Service Day and distribution of the Public Administration Medal-2018 at Osmani Memorial Hall here.

“Once upon a time government service was called as a ‘free job’- where one would get salary at the end of the month whether he/she worked or didn’t work,” she said.

“But, this perception isn’t accepted and now changed. Government employees must remember about their responsibility in doing their job as their salary comes from taxes money of people,” she added.

Public Administration Ministry organized the function as a part of celebrating the World Public Service Day today in the country as elsewhere across the world.

State Minister for public administration ministry Ismat Ara Sadique and Cabinet Secretary Md. Shafiul Alam, spoke, among others, on the occasion.

Secretary of the public administration ministry Fayez Ahmed gave welcome address and conducted the award giving ceremony.

Cabinet members, PM’s advisors, Deputy Speaker, senior secretaries and secretaries of different ministries, chiefs of three services and heads of government offices attended the function.

The government introduced the Public Administration Award in 2016 to recognize and encourage the public administration employees for showing their excellence in the services.

A total of 39 government officials and three organizations at the national and district levels received the Public Administration Award-2018 this year.

The prime minister said the government employees are certainly very much meritorious as they are recruited through a tough competition. We have to use their ability and talents for the country’s development, she added.

Keeping this in mind, the prime minister said the government has introduced the Public Administration Award for creating scope for the employees so that they can flourish their talents.

Sheikh Hasina said the world is progressing with amazing development of science and technology, adding that “We have to go ahead keeping pace with the competitive world. So we have to always work with creativity so that we
can prosper in all fronts.”

The prime minister said the public administration should be freed from so
called ‘red tape’ culture. Though ‘red tape’ is not used nowadays, but its
‘cruel treatment’ remains, she said, adding that this cruelty must be

“No file on the table of an officer should remain pending, or no project
should be taken which would cause useless expenditure of the government,” she

Public administration officials must find out the project which would bear
much benefit for the people and help give a better life to posterity, the
premier said.

Pointing out the overall development of the country, Sheikh Hasina said her
government has already started making the future plans for infrastructural
development of capital and other cities.

“In future, we have plans to put in place a transport system including
high-speedy train services for quick communication between Dhaka and other
cities,” she said.

In addition, she also said we have a plan to introduce a ring road
surrounding Dhaka and speedy commuting services to facilitate people to
travel to the city from outskirts quickly and conveniently.

Every airport of the country would be built as an international one, she
said, adding that Cox’s Bazar airport would be turned into a refueling
aerodrome while other airports would be modernized.

Sheikh Hasina said her government has undertaken a plan to set up 100
Special Economic Zones aimed at creating massive employment opportunities and
save agricultural lands.

Every village would be turned into an urban area while agricultural land,
forests, environment and ecology should be protected, she continued.

Sheikh Hasina said a 100-year Delta Plan has been signed with Netherlands
envisaging future development plan of the riverine Bangladesh.

The prime minister thanked the government officials for their sincere
efforts to make Bangladesh a developing country from the status of a least
developed one within a very short time, overcoming all barriers.

Progress of Bangladesh was hampered repeatedly due to natural and man-made
disasters. But, Bangladesh would be able to continue its present course of
development on the way to be a developed nation by 2041, she hoped.