Heat treatment for RNPP unit-2 finished


DHAKA, Feb 12, 2021 (BSS) – The Branch of JSC “AEM-technology” in
Volgodonsk (a part of machine-building division of Rosatom-
Atomenergomash) finished one of the key stages of Reactor Vessel
manufacture for Unit No.2 of “Rooppur” Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) in

After radiographic test, Reactor Vessel weighing 320 tonnes was
relocated to the gas furnace and six thermocouples were installed,
said a release here today.

The equipment installation was in held in the furnace for three
days at a temperature of 650 degrees Celsius. Modes of charge ranged
from 10 to 650 degrees, it said.

The specialists recorded the readings of thermal detectors for
three days. This is necessary to ensure a continuous process of
thermal tempering of the item. Heat treatment of the Reactor Vessel is
required to relieve stress of welds and obtain the required mechanical
properties of the metal.

A Reactor is an item of the safety class 1. It is a vertical
cylindrical Vessel with an elliptical Bottom. A Core and Internals are
located inside the Vessel.

At the top, the Reactor is sealed with a Cover with drives of
mechanisms and control and protection rods of Reactors and Nozzles for
outputting cables of in-core monitoring sensors installed on it.

A complete set of main equipment, including Reactor and four Steam
Generators for Unit No.1, of RNPP was shipped to the Customer in 2020.

“RNPP is designed and constructed as per Russian project. Design
and construction of NPP is carried out by Engineering Division of
“Rosatom” State Corporation. NPP will consist of two Units with
VVER-1200 Reactors, the operational life of which is 60 years with the
possibility of extending the service life for 20 years,” the release