BFF-01 Biden polls higher in first week than Trump at any time





Biden polls higher in first week than Trump at any time

WASHINGTON, Jan 28, 2021 (BSS/AFP) – US President Joe Biden has a higher
approval rating after one week in office than Donald Trump did in his entire
presidency, a new poll found Wednesday.

A Monmouth University poll showed 54 percent of Americans approving of
Biden’s performance and 30 percent disapproving.

Trump spent most of his presidency with ratings in the low 40s, and left
office on January 20 with a Gallup poll approval of just 34 percent, a record

A Morning Consult tracking poll published Monday gave Biden 56 percent
approval and 34 percent disapproval. Another poll released Monday, by Hill-
HarrisX, showed Biden with 63 percent approval.

Despite the strong showing for the Democrat, the results also demonstrate
severe polarization in the United States after Trump’s four-year term.

In the Monmouth poll, Biden won 90 percent approval from Democrats but
only 47 percent from independents and 15 percent from Republicans.

“Overall, there seems to be more goodwill for Biden than there was for
Trump, but it really breaks down along partisan lines. Right now, more people
identify as Democrats than Republicans,” said Patrick Murray, director of the
Monmouth University Polling Institute.

According to data from the site, Trump was the first
president in half a century not to enjoy a honeymoon period with
substantially better polling in the first six months.

Barack Obama had an average of 60 percent approval in his first half year
and his predecessor George W. Bush had 53.9 percent.

Trump, by contrast, had an average approval rating of 41.4 percent in his
first six months.

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