BSS-52, 53 BNP’s habit is ‘if you don’t know how to dance, the yard is crooked’: Dr Hasan





BNP’s habit is ‘if you don’t know how to dance, the yard is
crooked’: Dr Hasan

CHATTOGRAM, Jan 27, 2021 (BSS) – Information Minister and Awami
League (AL) joint secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud said that BNP had
participated in various elections, including Dhaka City Corporation
elections, but they were not in the election field as like Chattogram
City Corporation (CCC) polls.

“But what BNP leaders Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury and Rizvi Ahmed
said at the press conference, they are saying to protect their face
after losing the CCC election,” he added.

BNP’s habit is like this, ‘If you don’t know how to dance, the yard
is crooked’, after losing the election, he added.

The information minister said this while responding to the queries
of journalists about the city corporation election at his residence

Dr. Hasan Mahmud said that BNP organized a press conference during
the election, BNP leader Amir Khasru Mahmud arranged a press
conference in Chattogram and Rizvi Ahmed in Dhaka just before the
election ended and raised various questions. “We have already known
they participated in the election to raise all these questions,” he

The information minister said they presented all these tangled
questions in all elections and always sit to open the complaint box in
the election. BNP has not won any election in Chattogram city since
1994, he mentioned.

“Manjurul Alam was once elected on behalf of BNP in 2010. In fact,
Manjurul Alam was a man of AL, he was hired by BNP, because he has
been in AL for a long time, many people of AL have worked for him,
that’s why he won that election. He had backed in the Awami League
again. So BNP has not won any election in this city since 1994,” he

Mentioning that there is no discriminatory provision of Election
Commission (EC) in Bangladesh like any of the neighboring countries,
Dr Hasan said that EC has made such a rule in Bangladesh that no
lawmaker can run any campaign in favour of party candidates in local
body election.





“I was born, raised in this city, my politics started from this
city, my political life started as a procession worker of Jamal Khan
Ward of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) in this city. I was also the
Education and Student Affairs Secretary of BCL in the city. Despite
having important responsibilities in the party, we have not been able
to play any role in this election. No other country has such in
discriminatory provisions,” he added.

He said that state and central MPs or ministers can participate in
the campaign for the party in all types of elections, excluding their
protocols and facilities in India.

“England can do it in other countries including Continental Europe
but not in our country. There is nothing we can do but look at it, I
think it is a strange and discriminatory provision for the ruling
party,” he added.

BNP has carried out terrorist acts in CCC election, Dr. Hasan said,
adding that two AL activists were injured by BNP’s attack at Pahartali
USEP center in the city and an AL activist was killed at the Ambagan
center. BNP attackers broke EVM machines at Patharghata center, he

“BNP intimidated minority voters at city’s Dewanbazar centre. An AL
activist agent is still missing from Laboratory School Center. Five,
including son of city AL Organizing Secretary, were injured by the BNP
terrorists at Lalkhan Bazar centre. Five people, including a Juba
League activist, were injured by BNP attack on Maulovi Pukur Par
centre under Chandgaon. An Awami League activist named Abhijit
received gunshot injury and Juba League activist Solaiman was injured
in a BNP attack at Kazem Ali School Center,” he added.

About a comment of BNP candidate Dr. Shahadat, Dr Hasan said that if
anyone carried out terrorist activities, police would take action
against them. “Where BNP created panic, police have also taken action.
The responsibility of police is to maintain law and order, to
establish peace,” he added.

Responding to another query about Rizvi’s comment that AL joke in
the name of election, Dr Hassan said, “Rizvi Ahmed always tries to
make excuses when they lose in the election. I would like to request
the BNP to find out where their weaknesses are without making any
excuse,” the minister added.