Mentioning the remarks of Khaleda Zia that this government will
never be able to build the Padma bridge, Dr. Hasan Mahmud asked them
to go to the banks of the Padma and see it.

He said that metrorail in Dhaka city and Karnafuli Bangabandhu
tunnel in Chattogram will be opened next year and the government has
already announced to take up the metrorail project in Chattogram. If
this trend is continued, Insha’Allah, Bangladesh will be a developed
and prosperous country long before 2041, he added.

The information minister said that the country under the leadership
of Bangabandhu daughter Sheikh Hasina is moving forward at an
indomitable pace to fulfill Bangabandhu’s dream.

Hasan said that as per a recent report of IMF, Bangladesh will
exceed Pakistan in the per capita income.

Comparing to the development of Bangladesh in different indexes
with Pakistan and India, the information minister said Bangladesh has
left behind Pakistan in all indexes and neighboring India in two
indexes- Human Index and Social Index.

“Not only the people of Pakistan but also their prime minister
regretted seeing the development of Bangladesh today,” he added.

He said that Bangladesh have surpassed Pakistan in all indicators
of socio-economic and human development a few years ago.

“The average life expectancy of the people of Bangladesh is 73
years, Pakistan is 70 years, Bangladesh’s reserves are $41 billion,
while one third of Bangladesh in Pakistan. The per capita income of
the people of Bangladesh is $ 2,084 dollar, while that of Pakistan is
below $1,800. Not only Pakistan, we have surpassed India in many
social and human development index long ago,” he added.

Bangladesh is one of the only countries in the world where only 22
countries have been able to maintain positive economic GDP growth
during pandemic situation, he added.

The information minister said that the development of Bangladesh is
taking place in the social media and India-Pakistan media by storm,
praising the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. But one party cannot
appreciate the Awami League government, he added.

“BNP and its allies can’t see and can’t hear, they are blind even
though they have eyes and they are deaf even though they have ears.”
he added.

He said Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is not only the leader of
Bengalis; he is a world leader in twenty backgrounds and the voice of
oppressed and exploited people.

“When we achieved independence in 1971, the whole country was burnt
down. All bridges and culverts destroyed. That country was reorganized
by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. When Bangabandhu was
assassinated in 1975, the economic growth of Bangladesh was 7.4
percent,” he added.

He said Bangabandhu’s record of 7.4 per cent economic growth was not
surpassed by any government till 40 years after his assassination.

“Under the leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter Prime Minister
Sheikh Hasina, we have been able to surpass that record in the 2017-18
financial year. If Bangabandhu had not been assassinated, the people
of the world would have heard the story of Bangladesh’s prosperity
long before South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia,” he added.

Bangabandhu was assassinated by those who did not want the
independence of Bangladesh, he added.