On Coronavirus issue, the prime minister said the COVID-19 pandemic taught people that the money and wealth earned by corrupt means cannot help save lives.

“Money and wealth earned by doing corruption and irregularities doesn’t help save lives . . . the Coronavirus has taught this”, she observed.

The premier added: “The COVID-19 Corona made us understand that the money-wealth earned through corruption and irregularities has no value.”

Hasina said the lethal disease Coronavirus has also gave a lesson to those who used to go abroad for treatment if happens anything.

Referring to the experts’ opinion coincided with the increasing corona infection rate in different countries of the world, she made all alert, saying, “Another wave is likely to push in the winter.”

In this context, the head of the government reiterated her call to wear masks and follow other health rules in a proper manner.

Different countries of the world are struggling to cope with the Corona situation, even the growth rate in many developed countries has gone to minus, Sheikh Hasina mentioned.

She said his government has been able to keep Bangladesh’s economy afloat as a result of rapid and far-reaching and planned steps since the corona was identified.

In addition, 2,000 doctors, nurses and technologists were appointed soon after the onset of Coronavirus outbreak.

Sheikh Hasina said her government successfully has been able to keep Bangladesh’s economy afloat due to rapid, far-sighted and planned steps since the corona was identified

Noting that the world economy has come to a standstill due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Sheikh Hasina said the incumbent government provided an incentive package to address the situation and keep the country’s economic activities afloat.

About the vaccine, the PM said different researches on vaccine are being carried out and the government has paid money in advance and “Bangladesh will get the vaccine whenever it comes in the market.”

Sheikh Hasina mentioned that it was possible to keep the death rate of Corona pandemic low in Bangladesh due to taking up of pragmatic steps overcoming the fear of the fatal diseases.

“At the same time, utmost emphasis was laid on increasing food production in the country to tackle the subsequent affect of the coronavirus,” she mentioned.

About her Awami League government, the PM said people of the country have deep faith and confidence in the Awami League as the AL government usually works for the people.