BSS-48 Migratory birds arrive earlier at JU lakes this year





Migratory birds arrive earlier at JU lakes this year

SAVAR, Nov 8, 2020 (BSS) – Jahangirnagar University (JU) is known to nature lovers for its natural beauties. Everyone comes here to inhale fresh breath. The evergreen campus is not only a favorite place to the explorer but also the migratory birds for its welcoming nature.

The JU lakes hold a beautiful look every year with large and colorful water lilies. These profound lakes provide sufficient food supply which mainly attract numerous types of migratory birds. Thousands of migratory birds’ flock here every year as it has an ideal ecosystem, comfy habitats, safety, and enough security for them.

Besides the rich biodiversity, the far position of the university lakes from the roads and the authority’s careful outlook to conserve migratory birds flow- have made the campus a sanctuary for the migratory guests.

To escape the unbearable cold of the northern countries, the shorebirds like waders and ducks, birds like the European flycatcher, brown-breasted flycatcher and barn swallow migrate at the modest temperature region of the globe. JU campus is an ideal place for them with more assurance of food and security supply as it is a role model of peaceful coexistence of humans and animals.

Due to the lockdown for coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, this year the campus remained close from March and resultantly it has decorated intrinsically to attract more winged guests. Therefore, the number of migratory birds is expected comparatively high on the campus this year.

According to the university’s state office, around 15 species of migratory birds come to the JU lakes and the number of guest birds is increasing every year. The species which are stationed here every year are mainly Chhoto Sarali, Boro Sarali, Cotton Pygmy Goose (Balihansh), Pochard (Bhulihansh), Darters (Snake bird), Pintail Duck, flycatcher etc.

Noted Ornithologist Professor Manowar Hossain said, “The number of migratory birds arriving depends on a number of factors like habitat quality and preference, human disturbances, pollution, hunting and other biotic factors etc. As the JU authority has announced its numerous lakes as conserved areas, more guest birds take their position at those lakes every year.”

Every year, a vast amount of passionate bird loving people gather at the university campus to lookout the migratory birds chirping near the lakes. This year the university authority has re-installed billboards and banners at several spots of the campus aiming to ensure the safe environment of the migratory guest.

JU proctor ASM Firoz-Ul-Hasan said, “As a human being it is our responsibility to protect our guest birds from all types of disturbance. We’ll take proper initiatives to provide sufficient security and a suitable environment for migratory birds at the JU campus.”

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