Megaranto Susanto takes solo lead in Sheikh Hasina Int’l Online Chess


DHAKA, Sept 25, 2020 (BSS) – GM Megaranto Susanto of Indonesia now
took solo lead in the points table of the Joytu Sheikh Hasina
International Online Chess Tournament with 5.5 points after the 6th
round matches held today (Friday) at online platform.

The tournament is being held on the occasion of 74th birthday
celebration of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Besides, GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong of Vietnam and GM Diptayan Ghosh of
India shared the joint lead with five points after the sixth round

Seven players are sharing third position with 4.5 points. They are
GM Sergey Volkov, GM S. L. Narayanan & GM D Gukesh of India, IM
Priasmoro Novendra of Indonesia, GM Antonio Rogelio of Philippines, GM
M Amin Tabatabaei of Iran and GM Villamayor Buenaventura of Singapore.

Eleven players collected four points. They are GM Enamul Hossain
Razib, IM Abu Sufian Shakil, FM Khandekar Aminul Islam, FM Taibur
Rahman and Jabed Al Jabed of Bangladesh, GM Surya Sekhar Ganguly, GM
Vishnu Prasannna, GM R. R. Luxman and IM Mohammad Nubaishah Shaik of
India, GM John Paul Gomes of Philippines and Liyanage Ranindu Dilshan
of Sri Lanka.

In the fourth to sixth rounds games were held today (Friday), in the
4th round, GM Diptayan drew with GM Gangulay, GM Magaranto beat FM
Aminul, IM Priesmoro beat GM Razib, GM GM Truong Son beat GM
Narayanan, GM Kukesh split point with GM Zia, GM Villamayor drew with
GM Antonio, IM Fahad beat GM Vishnu, FM Parag drew with GM Jhon Paul,
GM Reefat beat CM Mahtab, GM Tabatabaei beat FM Subrota.

In fifth round, IM Priesmoro split points with GM Megaranto, GM
Ganguly drew with GM Thurong Son, GM Zia drew with GM Diptayan, IM
Nubairshah beat GM Enamul, IM Shakil beat GM Reefat, GM Villamayor
beat FM Aminul, GM Antonio beat FM Taibur, GM Tabatabaei beat IM
Fahad, GM Gukesh beat IM Minhaz and GM Volkov beat FM Parag.

In sixth round, GM Megaranto beat GM Ganguly, Thruogn Son beat IM
Priesmoro, Diptayan beat IM Shakil, GM Villamayor split point with GM
Gukesh, Tabatabaei drew with Antonia, Volkov beat IM Nubairshah, GM
Narayanan, GM Luxman beat FM Malek and GM Razib beat Shuaau.

The seventh to ninth rounds matches will be held tomorrow (Saturday).

South Asian Chess Council with the help of Golden Sporting Club
arranged the event, sponsored by Canadian University, Bangladesh.