BSS-55 Purchase committee approves 10 proposals





Purchase committee approves 10 proposals

DHAKA, Sep 2, 2020 (BSS) – The Cabinet Committee on Government Purchase (CCGP) today approved a total of 10 proposals including one for purchasing 3,490,200 MMBTE LNG from the spot market for the first time in the country with a cost of around Taka 132.93 crore.

The approval came from the 21st meeting of the CCGP in the current year with Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal in the chair.

Briefing reporters virtually after the meeting, the Finance Minister said that this is for the first time, the government is going to procure LNG from the spot market terming it as a “very smart move.”

Kamal also opined that this has opened up a new window in the energy sector as the government would now be able to procure LNG at a competitive price.

Under this initiative, the government will be able to save Taka 30 crore.

The Finance Minister said around Taka 1,795.16 crore will be required for these 10 procurement proposals of which around Taka 630.68 crore will come from the Government of Bangladesh portion while the rest of around Taka 1,164.47 crore from the local banking sources.

Under the two procurement proposals from the Ministry of Agriculture, the BADC will procure 1.5 lakh metric tons of TSP fertilizer from OCP, Morocco with around Taka 400.27 crore while the BADC will also import 2.10 lakh metric tons of DAP fertilizer from OCP, Morocco with Taka 695.69 crore.

Under another purchase proposal, BCIC will procure 30,000 metric tons of bagged granular urea fertilizer from KAFCO, Bangladesh with Taka 68.52 crore.

The CCGP meeting today extended the timeframe for the Development Design Consultants (DDC) Ltd under the Dhaka Elevated Expressway PPP Project by another 24 months till September, 2022 with an additional cost of around Taka 6.24 crore.

Under two separate proposals under the Ministry of Housing and Public Works, Padma Associates & Engineering Ltd has been awarded the contract for building a 20-storey residential building on Rajarbagh Police Lines in the capital with around Taka 82.63 crore while the Joint Venture of BBL and DECL has been awarded the contract for constructing another 20-storey 2nd police lines in Chattogram Metropolitan area with Taka 81.45 crore.

The CCGP meeting also approved a joint venture proposal from Hong Kong River Engineering Co Ltd and China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation for dredging additional 41.95 lakh cubic meter at the outer bar at Mongla Port channel with an additional cost of Taka 88.35 crore as variation.

Besides, two separate purchase proposals from the Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB) were approved.