BSS-51 Mosques, worship centres asked to disseminate COVID-19 messages





Mosques, worship centres asked to disseminate COVID-19 messages

DHAKA, June 8, 2020 (BSS) – The government has asked the
authorities of the country’s mosques and other places of worship to
disseminate messages on coronavirus regularly through loudspeakers
aiming to make people aware of the deadly virus.

The Religious Affairs Ministry issued an emergency notification
today, urging khatibs, imams and managing committees of the mosques
and religious leaders of other places of worship to take necessary
measures to this end and help contain the spread of coronavirus.

Local administrations, Islamic Foundation, Hindu Religious Welfare
Trust, Buddhist Religious Welfare Trust, Christian Religious Welfare
Trust and the managing committees of mosques and other places of
worship have been requested to announce 12 instructions regularly
through loudspeakers from their respective religious centres.

The instructions included washing hands for 20 seconds, using masks
while going outside homes, maintaining social distancing at all
levels, taking nutritious food, communicating with doctors once
COVID-19 symptoms are found, showing humane attitudes to COVID-19
patients, doing exercise regularly, not paying heed to rumours and
following government’s instructions and health guidelines.

Local administrations have been asked to disseminate the emergency
notification considering the public interest.