BSS-51 Prince Charles hails Sheikh Hasina for her strides to contain Covid-19





Prince Charles hails Sheikh Hasina for her strides to contain Covid-19

DHAKA, April 6, 2020 (BSS) – Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, today extended his sincere thanks to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her letter in which she had wished Prince Charles’s early recovery from the novel coronavirus.

“I was enormously touched by your very kind letter of concern and for your generous wishes for my recovery from this beastly virus,” Prince Charles said in a letter to the Bangladesh prime minister.

PM’s Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim said in the letter Prince Charles informed the premier that he is now much better.

“I’m now much better and most grateful to you for taking the trouble to write when I know how busy you are,” he said.

Prince Charles appreciated Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her strides to contain the lethal virus in Bangladesh.

“I was most impressed to hear how you have been able to contain the spread of this pernicious disease at the early stages of its outbreak and that the number of deaths is mercifully so low,” he said.

Prince Charles mentioned that the British-Asian diaspora in the United Kingdom are working together to support each other in this critical time.

“The British-Asian diaspora, many of whom work in the National Health Service at the coalface of the COVID crisis, are pulling together strongly to support each other and their wider communities, especially through their faith groups and the temples, mosques and gurdwaras,” he said.

Prince Charles also showed his keen interest to work together with the Bangladesh premier on climate change issue.

“I pray that when this global crisis has passed we can turn with renewed determination to the urgent task of tackling climate change by establishing a circular bioeconomy that places Nature and communities at its centre and enables us to make the world a safer place,” he said.

Earlier on March 29, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in a letter expressed profound sadness for Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, as he was infected by Covid-19.

In the letter, she said Bangladesh is ready to work with the diaspora in UK in the common fight against curbing the spread of novel coronavirus or Covid-19 and its aftermath.

Sheikh Hasina also apprised the Prince of the domestic Covid-19 situation and also the preemptive measures taken to save the people of Bangladesh from being affected by this invisible deadly virus.