Dear Countrymen,

The work to make stronger all the forces in line with the “Armed Forces Goal-2030” is continuing. We are doing everything what is necessary to make the defence force capable to face any attack and aggression of external enemies.

Our police side by side with other law enforcement agencies have made significant success in resisting the spread of militancy. So, the countrymen are grateful to them. We have taken appropriate measures to enhance capability of the law enforcement agencies.

Bangladesh believes in the policy of going ahead with maintaining good relations with its neghbouring countries and the world. Our pathway is on the basis of the main essence of the foreign policy formulated by the Father of the Nation “friendship to all, malice to none”. Especially, we have put the highest priority to maintain good relations and harmony with the neighbours. We want to resolve bilateral relations through dialogue. It is not our weakness, rather strategy. For that reason, we didn’t step into the trap despite having provocation from the Myanmar side. A case has been lodged with the International Court of Justice. We hope that we will get a formula to permanently resolve the issue.

The continuous development in the socio-economic sector and growing participation of Bangladesh in the international arena have brightened Bangladesh’s image. The global support towards Bangladesh in different international forums including the United Nations is the testimony of that. Recently, Bangladesh has been elected in some international organizations including ECOSOC, CFC, CIAP and APDIM. Some Bangladesh’s resolutions such as “Peace Culture”, “Natural Plant Fibers and Sustainable Development” and in Rohingya issue have been accepted in the United Nations this year.

Dear Countrymen,

You might remember that I had called upon the people involved in corruption to correct them in the address to the nation after forming the government last year. I work for the common people. I will not hesitate to take any measures for the welfare of the people.

The ongoing drive against corrupts will be continued. I once again want to alert everyone that corrupt elements whoever they are, how much powerful they are, will not be spared.

I call upon the Anti-Corruption Commission to bring to book the people whoever are found involved in acquiring illegal wealth. It will be ensured as none can take away the rights of commoners. Besides, we have taken measures to create awareness against corruption. Initiatives have taken to stamp out corruption in various sectors with the expansion of information communication technology. People’s participation is a must to stop corruption. The corruption will be reduced automatically if people become aware against corruption.

Our drive against militancy, terrorism and narcotics will be continued. Religious leaders along with the imams of mosques have been imparted with training as none can divert the youth to wrong path giving misinterpretation of the holy religion Islam. As many as 650 mosques are being constructed across the country.

We want to establish a peaceful society where there will be no jealousy -hatred-conflict. The people of all religions, castes and creeds can live in peace. All have been able to perform their own religion with due dignity.

Bangladesh Awami League is a democratic political party. We are respectful to the Constitution. We believe in the rule of law. We believe the people’s mandate is only way to changeover the power. We welcome any peaceful democratic movement. But, we don’t tolerate destructive activities on illogical demands.

Dear Countrymen,

In the past, you have witnessed the arson-terrorism of BNP and killing of people by setting fire in the name of movement. The recurrence of such destructive activities will not be allowed in the soil of Bangladesh.

We have taken all sorts of measures to make effective the parliament. The participation of the lawmakers from both the treasury and opposition benches makes the parliament vibrant.

Dear Countrymen,

One year has completed after forming the government following the 11th parliamentary election. We have tried our best to give you the highest services. We don’t claim that we become hundred percent successful in all sectors. But, we can say it firmly that there was no laps in our efforts. We will step forward with overcoming the past mistakes and utilizing experiences as well. New challenges will appear before us. We will face all the challenges with the help of the people, Insha Allah.

Undesirable incidents were taken place one or two educational institutions in last year. We want to firmly say that we didn’t spare anyone involved in the activities. Administrative and legal actions were taken immediately against those involved in the incidents. Some sections tried to take advantage of the incidents creating anarchy by spreading rumours. We have taken prompt preventive measures against the misdeeds with the help of the people. We will have to remain alert always against such rumours.

The Aedes mosquito-borne dengue fever created panic across the country last year. Some valuable lives had been lost in the disease despite taking all kinds of measures. I express deep sympathy to the bereaved families. I am giving order to all the concerned people to take all-out measures to stop the spread of the aedes mosquitoes.

Dear Countrymen, My all works are centering on the common people. I have full confidence in you. The people of Bangladesh is very hardworking and having innovative capacity. They are capable of coping with any situation. The hard-working common people of the country are usually satisfied with little things. The Father of the Nation had struggled throughout his life to establish the rights of these people and bring smile on their faces. Being a daughter of him, my only aim is to bring smile on their faces. Keep faith in me. I want to remain as one of you.

Dear Countrymen,

Bangalee is a nation of heroes. We have earned independence of the country in exchange of the sacrifice of 30 lakh martyrs. Such nation can never stay behind in the world. We are no more lagging behind. Bangladesh has been advancing with tremendous pace on the highway of the development. Let us take a fresh vow irrespective of parties and opinions to establish secular Sonar Bangladesh to be freed from hunger, poverty and illiteracy in the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation. Stay well and healthy. May the Great Rabbul Al-Amin help us.

Khoda Hafez. Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu. Long Live Bangladesh.