Dear Countrymen,

We are always aware of what we wanted to do for you and what we have done.
You must evaluate. But, we don’t believe in fascinating commitments. We
pledge what we have ability to implement. We had declared the Vision 2021
before the election of 2008.The main target of the vision was to transform
Bangladesh into a middle-income country. The World Bank recognised Bangladesh
as a lower-middle income country in 2015 as the per capita income exceeded
$1,200. The per capita income increased to $1,909 in 2019 from $543 in 2005-
06 fiscal.

The poverty rate was 41.5 percent in 2005-06 fiscal. Now the poverty rate
has been reduced to 20.5 percent. According to the estimate of World Economic
Forum, the rate of working people living below the poverty line was 73.5
percent in 2010. The rate was reduced to 10.4 percent in 2018. The United
Nations gave Bangladesh a place in the developing country’s list from the
least developed one in 2018.

The annual financial plan has proved that Bangladesh’s economy is
flourishing. The size of budget was Taka 61,000 crore in the 2005-06 fiscal
year which was the last year of BNP government. The size of budget stands at
Taka 5, 23,190 crore in the 2019-20 fiscal year increasing by over eight and
half times. The Annual Development Programme stands at Taka 2,02,721 crore.
Ninety percent of the budget is now being implemented with country’s own

The GDP growth rate was 8.15 percent in the last fiscal. The inflation rate
was below 6 percent. The price of essential goods was normal except the price
of import-based onion during last few days of the (last) year.

Bangladesh economy is now established on the strong base. Small shocks
cannot be obstacles on the way to this progress. Bangladesh is now one of the
five countries in the world in the indexes of economic uplift. According to
the estimate of IMF, Bangladesh’s economy is on the 30th position on the
basis of PPP. Bangladesh’s economy will attain the 23rd position by 2040 as
per the projection of Price Water House Coopers. Bangladesh will be the 26th
greatest economy in the world by 2030 according to projection of HBSC. World
Economic Forum says Bangladesh will surpass Asian countries, including India,
in terms of economic growth.

We have launched Bangabandhu Satellite-1 into the orbit. The construction
of 2,400 megawatt nuclear power plant at Rooppur in Pabna is going on. The
enclave problem with India has been resolved with implementation of the land
boundary agreement. Our sovereign rights have been established on the huge
water of the Bay of Bengal with resolving the maritime boundary dispute with
Myanmar and India. The door of blue economy has been opened.

We have formulated a hundred year long “Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100” to
achieve the desired development facing the adverse impacts of climate change.

The 7th five-year plan is being implemented incorporating the SDGs into it.
The work on formulating the 8th five-year plan has also begun.