Kurigram Freedom Day tomorrow


RANGPUR, Dec 5, 2019 (BSS) – The triumphant freedom fighters valiantly liberated Kurigram town by defeating the Pakistani occupation forces on December 6, 1971.

Although the final national victory was not achieved, the flag of Independent Bangladesh was hoisted by the freedom fighters led by Company Commander Abdul Hye, Bir Pratik, on December 6 in Kurigram town.

Talking to BSS, the heroic freedom fighters, who participated in the last moment battles some 48 years ago, became impatient recalling the memory of the victory.

The freedom fighters started conducting continuous attacks on the Pakistani forces in Kurigram town after crossing the river Dharla from all sides of the town from December 1 to December 5 causing huge casualties to the occupation army.

Former Kurigram district unit Commander of Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sangshad (BMS) Sirajul Islam Tuku said the occupation forces lost moral courage in the fierce battles since December 1 in Kurigram town with freedom fighters.

“The Pakistani occupation forces had to suffer casualties in those battles with the freedom fighters round the clock, especially on December 4 and December 5, making the victory evident,” Tuku said.

Freedom fighter Mohammad Shahabuddin said the Indian allied forces conducted air attacks on the occupation forces in Kurigram town on December 5 breaking their backbone and forcing them to surrender or retreat.

“Failing to sustain the repeated fierce attacks of the freedom fighters, the Pakistani forces started leaving Kurigram town by train since December 6 morning with firing in the air in fear of the freedom fighters,” Shahabuddin said.

Kurigram was under sector-6 and sector-11 during the whole period of the War of Liberation and freedom fighter Abdul Hye, Bir Pratik, was the company commander of sub-sector No 1 under sector-6.

“During the War of Liberation, the training camp for the freedom fighters was located at occupation free Roumari area that was detached from the mainland by the Brahmaputra,” said Hye.

Under the leadership of Hye, the Pakistani army’s strong bases began to collapse following capturing of their Bhurungamari, Nageswari, Chilmari and Ulipur camps by the freedom fighter one after another since the end of November.

“Finding no other alternative, the Pakistani army then established their strong bases in Kurigram town and the freedom fighters decisively surrounded Kurigram town from all directions on December 6 and freed Kurigram town,” Hye said.

Thousands of emancipated people gathered on the victory march to welcome the triumphant freedom fighters who entered Kurigram town under the leadership of Abdul Hye, Bir Pratik, at 4 pm on December 6.

“Later, thousands of people and freedom fighters, I hoisted the flag of Independent Bangladesh on the overhead water tank in Kurigram town,” Hye added.

Meanwhile, Kurigram district unit of BMS, Sommilito Sangskritik Jote, different socio-cultural and professional organisations and political parties have taken various programs to celebrate Kurigram Freedom Day tomorrow.