Thakurgaon Freedom Day tomorrow


RANGPUR, Dec 02, 2019 (BSS) – The freedom fighters along with allied
forces bravely liberated Thakurgaon town on December 3, 1971 after liberating
Panchagarh town on December 29 from the clutches of the Pakistan occupation

Former Deputy Commander of Thakurgaon district command of Bangladesh
Muktijoddha Sangsad (BMS) Abdul Mannan said Thakurgaon remained free up to
April 14, 1971 as the Pakistani occupation forces could not enter the town.

“But, on April 15, 1971 the occupation forces entered Thakurgaon with
heavy armaments when the freedom fighters took positions in occupation-free
Tentulia frontier areas,” he said.

Former Commander of Ranisonkoil upazila unit of BMS Sirajul Islam said
Thakurgaon was under Sector no- 6 during the War of Liberation under command
of Sector Commander Squadron Leader M Khademul Bashar.

“When victory was becoming evident, the Pakistani occupation forces
began to retreat. On November 29, Panchagarh Thana was liberated when the
occupation forces set up their camp at the then Thakurgaon EPR camp,” he

During the retreat, the occupation forces blew up Bhulli Bridge on
November 30 and laid many underground mines at Salandar area near Thakurgaon
town to create hindrance to entrance of the freedom fighters and allied

“After quick repair of the Bhulli Bridge, the freedom fighters and
allied forces tried to enter Thakurgaon, but they faced impediment due to
underground mines placed in the area by the retreating occupation forces,” he

Eyewitness Abdul Mannan of village Bhandara said two tanks of the allied
forces were destroyed due to mine blasts and the mines were removed soon
under leadership of Muktijoddha Commander Mahbub Alam.

Understanding their unambiguous defeat, the Pakistani forces retreated
further and set up their base at the 25-mile point on the Thakurgaon-Dinajpur
highway on December 2 after heavy shelling by the allied forces.

Eyewitness Mohsin Ali Sarker of Haripur upazila said the triumphant
freedom fighters and allied forces coming from Tentulia frontier entered
Thakurgaon town on December 3 when thousands of common people welcomed them
chanting slogan ‘Joy Bangla.’

“The freedom fighters and allied forces, after defeating the Pakistani
army, and crushing their defenses at Panchagarh, Moidandighee, Boda and
Bhulli, also entered Thakurgaon from the northern side,” Ali said.

Afterwards, other contingents of the freedom fighters coming from
Atwari, Ruhea, Akhanagar, Baliadangi and Lahirihat also entered Thakurgaon
town from the western side on the day.

“The freedom fighters along with thousands of common people paraded
different roads of Thakurgaon town chanting victorious slogans and hoisted
the victory flag at Chowrasta Mour,” said eyewitness Abdul Latif of
Thakurgaon town.

The Thakurgaon district administration and district unit of BMS and
other organisations will observe the Thakurgaon Freedom Day-2019 through
colourful programmes tomorrow (Tuesday).