BSP-25 Rohit unfazed as Bangladesh searching way to get him early





Rohit unfazed as Bangladesh searching way to get him early

NAGPUR, Nov 9, 2019 (BSS)-With India missing some key batsmen in their batting order, Bangladesh knew chances of victory will be brightened if they can dismiss Rohit Sharma early.

Key to Bangladesh’s seven-wicket victory in the first match was to remove Rohit in the first over despite he hit two boundaries to make 9 runs. After his dismissal, India’s batsmen were stifled and couldn’t pile up a score to keep Bangladesh in pressure.

But in the second game, Bangladesh were unable to restrict Rohit and he struck 43 all-85 to take away the game from the visitors.

“There will be massive chance if we can take Rohit’s wicket early,” Bangladesh chief selector Minhajul Abedin Nannu said. “As you saw in the first match, we dismissed him early and thereby established our full dominance. But we couldn’t do that in the second match and he took the game away.”

But naturally Rohit has always been a consistent run maker against Bangladesh. So the first and foremost task for Bangladesh to clinch the series is to remove the India captain early.

The team management said they are finding a way and working on it as to how to get him early.

Rohit also knew Bangladesh wants to take him out from the very beginning.

And when asked what it needs to remove him early in the innings and what’s the mystery to be so good against Bangladesh, Rohit quipped, “If I say what is the mystery, they will know and they will restrict me. I don’t want to reveal that.”

“I’ve loved playing against all opposition, not just Bangladesh. I’m here to play cricket. It’s a great honor to represent your country. I’m enjoying every bit of it.”

Rohit however was not disappointed at missing the century in the last game what was his 100th T20 match. He said he is happy to contribute in team’s victory.

“I am happy to win the game in my 100th game. I was not looking to score a hundred, I was looking to win the game. Really happy about that,” he concluded.