BSS-43 PM urges countrymen to show patience over Bhola incident





PM urges countrymen to show patience over Bhola incident

DHAKA, Oct 20, 2019 (BSS) – Sounding a note of caution against rumour-mongers, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today urged the countrymen to show patience and not to pay heed to rumours to avert any further untoward incident over the Bhola issue.

“I ask the countrymen to have patience (over the Bhola issue) as a section of people is out to orchestrate propaganda using the Facebook to create an unstable situation” she said.

The premier assured the countrymen to take action against the people responsible for undermining Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) using a Facebook ID of a hindu person as a 34-member delegation of Bangladesh Awami Juba League met her at Ganobhaban here ahead of the Juba League council.

Police arrested the Hindu boy who filed a general diary (GD) accusing a Muslim man over giving a post undermining Hazrat Mohammad (SM) by using his Facebook ID, she said, adding that the Muslim man also arrested.

“The other people involved in the incident will also be arrested. The person who wanted to fish in the troubled water centering the incident will also be captured,” she assured.

Sheikh Hasina said they contacted with the Facebook authority in this regard, and more information will be available within next two or three days.

Referring to the Bhola incident, she said, “A section of people always tries to create unstable situation in the country when it is progressing ahead.”

She urged the countrymen not to pay heed to any rumour as it usually puts the society in danger in many ways. “So, everyone should know the real incident and act accordingly as none can misuse the digital technology,” she added.

The premier called upon all the media outlets not to cover all the things in such a way which leads to an unstable situation, rather to help in identifying the real culprits involved in the misdeeds.

Sheikh Hasina said, “It is not acceptable to hurt the religious sentiment of any religion as the government wants the people of all religions to live together. Bangladesh is a secular country and all the people irrespective of religions fought for the country’s independence during the Liberation War in 1971.”

The premier expressed her dismay that how a Muslim gave such a post undermining Hazrat Mohammad (SM) using a Facebook ID of a Hindu man, saying, “The most regrettable thing is that an unprecedented incident took place centering the incident as three people were confirmed dead and many others injured, one of them critically.”

She, however, questioned about the motive behind the incident, elaborating why people were assembled there and attacked policemen while they tried to pacify them and assured them to punish the person responsible for undermining the prophet.

Awami League Advisory Council Members Amir Hossain Amu and Tofail Ahmed and its General Secretary Obaidul Quader were present on the dais.

Juba League General Secretary Harunur Rashid led the delegation of the associate body of Awami League.