BSS-50 Consumer Rights Department fines 182 institutions





Consumer Rights Department fines 182 institutions

DHAKA, Sept 15, 2019 (BSS) – The Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection recently fined 182 institutions in the city a total of Taka 13,57,300 for selling adulterated foods and violating the weight and measure standards.

The drives were led by 33 officials from 3 district level offices.

On Wednesday, ‘Butterfly Marketing limited’, ‘Walton’ and ‘Swapno’ super shop were fined Taka 50,000 each for not specifying MRP in the packets of the goods in the capital.

Also, 30 local markets across the country were monitored during the drives.

61 institutes were fined a total of Taka 2, 38,500 for selling and storing expired foods, adulteration, raising prices, fabricating in weights and measures and not maintaining hygiene or safety standards.

By settling the written complaints received for selling goods at an exorbitant price and absence of MRP in packages, 11 institutes were fined a total Taka 1,44, 000.

However, 11 complainants received 25% from the specified fined amount as per the law.

On Thursday, the department officials conducted drives in 46 other local markets and fined a total Taka 8,25,300 from 107 institutions.